About Visitor Insight

Visitor Insight Amsterdam provides an accessible picture of current visits to the city of Amsterdam. Visitor Insight is made up of a number of important data sources: the number of hotel nights fromNational Statistical Bureau, the incoming foreign passengers at Schiphol from Royal Schiphol Group, and the number of visits to the most important museums/attractions and theaters in Amsterdam, periodically supplied by the institutions themselves. amsterdam&partners processes the data, is dependant on the delivery time of the underlying sources/partners. This means that not all data is equally up-to-date and complete.

In addition, Visitor Insight provides insight into amsterdam&partners' own products/services and channels, namely visitors to the I amsterdam Store, the number of activated I amsterdam cards per month, the number of unique visitors to the consumer website of amsterdam&partners, and the number of participant days in corporate and non-corporate international meetings.

For whom is Visitor Insight made?
For anyone who wants to stay informed about the visitor economy in Amsterdam. For decision-makers within the tourism sector, working for private or public organizations who want to stay informed about the situation of current visits to the city.

Partners of amsterdam&partners can view the data in more detail with a requested free login.

The hotel statistics relate to the more than 500 hotels in Amsterdam, collected and processed by National Bureau of Statistics of the  Netherlands. This data is delivered as a standard 2-3 months after the relevant period.

The visitors to the I amsterdam Store and the number of activated I amsterdam cards are tracked and entered by employees of amsterdam&partners. The number of unique visitors to the website is obtained via Google analytics.

The visitor figures of Amsterdam's museums, attractions and theatres are based on visitor numbers that the more than 36 museums, 13 attractions and 10 theatres enter themselves in Visitor Insight. The institutions themselves supply the data in the tool and these are delivered one month after the end of the relevant period.

The following museums, attractions and theaters participate in Visitor Insight.

Participating museums
Allard Pierson Museum
Amsterdam Museum
Amsterdam Pipe Museum
Anne Frank Huis
De Appel arts centre
De Dageraad
De Hortus
Embassy of the Free Mind
Eye Film Instituut Nederland
Fashion for Good Museum
Hermitage Amsterdam
Huis Marseille
Joods Cultureel Kwartier
Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam
Luther Museum
Museum Geelvinck
Museum Het Grachtenhuis
Museum Het Schip
Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder
Museum van Loon
Nationale Stichting de Nieuwe Kerk
Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover
NEMO Science Museum
Oude Kerk
Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum
Van Gogh Museum
VU Hortus Botanicus
Willet Holthuysen

Participating attractions
ArenA Stadium Tours
Canal Tours Amsterdam (Strömma)
Coster Diamonds
De Hortus
Gassan Group (Gassan Diamonds / Gassan Dam Square)
Heineken Experience
Holland Casino
Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam
Moco Museum
This is Holland
VU Hortus Botanicus

Participating theatres

De Kleine Komedie
Het Concertgebouw
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
St. Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Theater Bellevue
Theater de Meervaart